Our mission is to make the Internet personal.  The Internet should be a place where everyone can easily and automatically share their most intimate and personal memories and feel confident about it.   We believe the internet should bring people together and help create more meaningful and deep relationships.  We believe we can contribute by creating great personal products powered by the most advanced AI technologies.

Our first representation of this vision is our recently launched Flashback product, with the conviction that if you're in a photo, you should get it automatically.  We use state of the art proprietary locally running face recognition to make this happen.  The result is a revolution in sharing and audience intimacy.

We're a group of engineers, marketers and designers who came together in 2015 and 2016 to make this happen.   We were inspired by the need of privacy and by a deep desire to enable people to fully live and share memories without being constrained.  This is a video we did a few years ago that still inspires us.