Flashback Launch Media Kit

In October 2017, AI startup Incode Technologies announces Flashback, a mobile app that reinvents the way people share photos with those they experience the moment with. We're using artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically share photos taken by Flashback users with the people that appear in it. With this proprietary technology, manual photo sharing will become a thing of the past. 


Curious about Flashback? Here's our story. We're excited to hear back from you!



Photos, Screenshots, and videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Flashback is new and could be hard to grasp for some. Don't worry, we've made things easy by answering questions you're probably wondering about. 


Logos for download

Press contacts

Members of the press are invited to make requests to pr@incode.com.

The press is also invited to contact the following Incode representatives for comments, interviews, or more information:

Ricardo Amper – Founder & CEO

amper@incode.com  |   (415) 688-9562


Pranav Chheda – Marketing Manager

pranav@incode.com  |  (510) 674-6767