Flashback Q&A

About Incode


1. How did the Incode team come up with this idea?

Ricardo Amper, our CEO, came up with the idea in early 2015 after researching the market space for a year.


2. When was the company founded?

Incode was founded in mid-June 2015.


3. Where is the company based?

We are based in San Francisco, California, with additional offices in Mexico City, Mexico and Belgrade, Serbia.


4. Has the company received any funding?

Our company is self-funded by our Founder & CEO, Ricardo Amper.


5. What is Incode’s mission?

We are more connected than ever before, yet it is harder than ever to maintain personal relationships and share memories. Our mission is to make the Internet personal.


6. What went into building the product?

The combination of hard work, great skill, and sharp design over the course of two years has brought this product to life.


7. How does the Flashback product generate revenue?

Flashback is free, premium features will be available soon.


8. Who is Flashback’s target audience?

Our research shows that people aged 18 to 44 are the best fit for our product. However, those aged 50 to 69 also have a positive view of auto-sharing. Regardless of generation, everyone can benefit from the product because our goal is to bring people together.


9. Are there ads in the app?

No, we hate ads too. Flashback does not display any ads.


The Technology Behind Flashback


10. What is your Privacy Policy?

- Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information.


11. How do you know you have one of the top facial recognition technologies?

You don’t need to take our word for it. We participated in the University of Massachusetts Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) Global Benchmark. Please see the results below:


12. Do you store your users’ personal data, like photos?

We use industry best practices for privacy of user data. We don’t sell any user data to third parties.


13. Can you provide a better benchmark on your accuracy?

Please reference the University of Massachusetts LFW Global Benchmark results above.


14. If I delete my account, will my photos be deleted?

We hate to see you go. But if you wish to delete your account, please contact us at support@getflashback.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


15. How can I remove all my photos?

You can delete photos individually in the app.


16. How accurate is the facial recognition kit?

It is real-time face recognition (30FPS).


Creating an Account & Username


17. How do I create a Flashback account?

Just download our app, sign up through email or Facebook, and you’re ready to start using Flashback!


18. How do I update profile information like my phone number, name, and email?

You can edit your profile photo and more through the Profile tab -> Account Settings.


Taking Flashes


19. What are flashes?

Flashes are the real-time photos that you receive when someone takes a photo of you


20. How do I add a caption to my Flash?

Currently, we do not support captions. But we are working on bringing this to you in a future version.


21. Can I straighten or crop my photo?

Currently, we do not support straighten/crop features. But we are working on bringing this to you in a future version.


22. How do I save Flashes to my phone?

Currently, we do not support saving Flashes locally. But we are working on bringing this to you in a future version.


23. When I take a photo on Flashback, what’s the image resolution?

Photos are taken at the full resolution of your phone. However, we resize and compress the photo to guarantee a fast transfer to your friend’s phone and optimize storage. Usually, it is resized to half of the original size.

Editing & Deleting Posts


24. How do I delete photos I’ve taken?

You can delete photos by navigating to the Gallery and clicking on the photo you want to delete. Click on the trash icon to confirm deletion.


25. How do I delete a comment?

We currently do not support deleting comments in this version. But we are working on bringing this to you in a future version.


26. How do I add a comment?

Simply click on the comment icon to add a comment.


27. What happens when I connect Flashback to my contact list?

We can generate a list of your friends combining your phone’s contact list and Facebook’s friend account.


28. What happens when I give access to my photo library?

This allows Flashback to train your friend’s facial recognition model and help them receive Flashbacks every day.


29. How do I disconnect from the auto-sharing feature?

Currently, disconnecting from auto-sharing is not supported. But we are working on bringing this to you in a future version.


30. How do I search for friends to share photos with?

You can search for friends either by their name or phone number in the Profile tab.


Tagging & Mentions


31. How do I tag people in my photos?

You can tag people in photos by clicking on the “Who’s this?” icon at the bottom of the picture.


32. Can I tag people in someone else’s photos?

Yes, simply tap the face of the person you want to tag, and a tag menu will appear.


33. Where can I see photos I’ve been tagged in?

You can view your tagged photos in the Gallery tab. Go to the top-right Menu option and select “Received” to view which photos you’ve been tagged in.


34. How do I hide a photo that I’ve been tagged in?

Only the owner of the photo has this capability.


35. Who can tag me in their photos?

Anyone that has you as a Facebook friend or in their contact list.


36. Can a person that I blocked still tag me?

A blocked person can still tag you, but you will not receive any of their photos.


Photos of You


37. Who can react or comment on my photos?

Users who are in the photo or have been forwarded the photo can react and comment.




38. How do I add or change my profile picture?

Go to the Profile tab -> Account Settings.


39. How do I change my password?

Currently, changing passwords is not supported. But we are working on bringing this to you in a future version.


40. Where are my account settings?

Account Settings can be found in the Profile tab near the bottom of the screen.


41. How do I logout of Flashback?

Currently, logging out is not supported. But we are working on bringing this to you in a future version.


Inside App


42. What is the purpose of the Gallery?

The Gallery contains an overview of all of your activity on Flashback: your Flashes (photos that you’ve taken with friends and family) and your Flashbacks (photos that you’ve been tagged in). You can filter these photos by “Sent”, “Received”, “Need Tagging”, and “People”.


43. What is the difference between Flashes and Flashbacks?

Flashes are recent pictures taken of you that you receive instantly in the Flashback app, while Flashbacks are photos of you on your friends’ and family’s phone that you have never seen before.


44. How do I invite friends to Flashback in the app?

Click the “Profile” button in the bottom right of the screen and select friends from your address book. Then you simply click the “Send Invite” button. You can also just click a photo with them or forward an existing photo on the app and they will receive and SMS to download the app.


45. What shows up in “What’s New” tab?

On the “What’s New” tab, you’ll find recent Flashes, Flashbacks and Reactions.


46. What can be found under “Recent Flashes”?

Your most recent photos taken are displayed under “Recent Flashes”.


47. Can I un-tag myself from a photo that a friend took of me?

Currently, un-tagging is not supported. But we are working on bringing this to you in a future version.

48. Can I forward a picture from my Gallery to a friend?

Yes, all you have to do is press the “forward arrow” icon and choose your friend from your contacts list.




49. How does the “Revoke Access” feature work?

Flashback’s “Revoke Access” feature allows the owner block access to a shared photo.


50. Will others be notified if I revoke their access to a photo?

If you revoke access while the photo is being viewed by the individual, that person will receive a notification saying that you have revoked his or her access to that photo. However, if they are not currently viewing the photo, they will not be notified and the photo will simply disappear from their Flashes and Flashbacks galleries.


About Recogkit


51. What is Recogkit?

Recogkit is one of the world’s most advanced facial recognition technologies. It’s what makes Flashback possible. We developed Recogkit because we strongly believe that if you’re in the photo, you should have the photo.


52. How does the Recogkit technology compare to others on the market?

Incode’s Recogkit is among the top ranked in the world.


53. Is the Recogkit technology available for use in other projects/products/services?

Currently, Recogkit is not available for third-party use.


54. How long did it take Incode to develop the Recogkit technology?

We’ve been working on our proprietary facial recognition technology since early 2015. Although we’re very happy with the current precision of the technology, we are always working to refine and improve it.


55. How do you store and secure Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data collected?

All personal data is encrypted within our file system.


56. What measures have you taken to ensure that PII is stored safely?

We regularly undergo penetration testing and other simulated attacks by cybersecurity professionals.


57. Do you guarantee privacy protection for your users?

Yes, we handle all PII with the highest standards of confidentiality. We will never sell or distribute your personal information to third parties.


Other Incode Services


58. Does Incode have other products?

Flashback is Incode’s main product. We also have another product available known as the ImageIN app. ImageIN is a professional photo editor platform for your phone.


59. What is ImageIN?

ImageIN is like Uber for photo editing. Simply upload a picture, explain the edition you would like on the photo, and get your photo edited by celebrity-type artist.


60. How do you submit photos for editing?

Simply select your photos and add comments for changes you’d like to see.


61. What is the editing process like, and who is editing photos submitted to ImageIN?

Our AI technology automatically assigns the photo to the best artist available based on the retouching needed. They are edited by celebrity-type human artists and sent back to you. If you do not like it, you can comment and rate it and they go back to the artist for a second touch up.


62. How much does a photo edit cost?

Currently, our professional photo editing services are free when you share photos or invite friends to use the app. We plan on rolling out an affordable price in the near future to purchase edits.


63. Where are ImageIN Artists based?

We have artists all over the world. Currently, the majority our artists are from Mexico and India.


64. What is the legal agreement with ImageIN Artists?

ImageIN Artists are independent contractors that use ImageIN as a marketplace to offer their photo editing services. ImageIN is a payment processor and service provider platform that enables these independent contractors to acquire photo editing jobs.


65. How do ImageIN Artists earn money?

Artists are paid for their availability and according to the customer’s satisfaction with the finished product. Artists receive a per-photo payment that is determined by their efficiency and customer rating.