welcome to the world of omnichannel biometrics

it’s all about your face

Incode Omni is Incode’s end-to-end identity platform that offers a frictionless customer experience at every point of contact with a consistent level of security across multiple channels. It has five pre-built products that allow users to access any service with just their face. 

  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Transportation

Effortless onboarding where security matters

Incode Welcome is our digital onboarding product that allows customers to validate their identity with their face & government-issued ID all through a web version or native apps (iOS and Android). Organizations can choose to have an optional video conference to additionally verify the customer’s identity.

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State-of-the-art identity kiosk

Incode Greet is our identity kiosk solution that enables organizations to authenticate and onboard new customers seamlessly and provide a personalized experience for their existing customers. This personalized self-service kiosk offers a perfect check-in, queuing, check deposit, and account lookup experience.

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Login with your face anywhere

Incode Hello authenticates users with their face on any mobile phone, web, and ATM, as well as in-branch. Businesses can use this product as a strong first or second-factor authentication method to securely login their clients throughout multiple channels.

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Pay with your face on any device

Incode FacePay is our payment validation platform that allows users to make payments in-store and online with just their face. FacePay is easy to set up and gives customers a simple and secure way to authenticate payments. With just a touch or a glance, customers are additionally able to send money to friends or to pay for goods in store at the point of sale. It also serves as the perfect loyalty points system.

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Seamless transaction verification anywhere

Incode Check is our online verification platform that allows users to validate online payments with just their face. By leveraging facial biometrics, Incode Check reduces cyber fraud and false rejections during online transactions.

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With a unique plug-and-play omnichannel solution, Incode aims to reduce fraud and improve user experience through easy-to-use biometric products powered by world-class technologies: